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Amplifying the voices of the women leading the way 

The first event of its kind, the Arab Women’s Summit is not only a cultural meeting between the UK and Arab world, but also a celebration of the remarkable women that are paving the way to a better future for everyone. 


Unlike other women’s summits, we shine a spotlight on the women achieving remarkable things and innovating their fields. We believe this dispels stereotypes and misconceptions, changing the narrative of women as victims and instead spreading a message of the power they can hold. Therefore, every year our sessions are on the most important topics concerning international relations, cultural exchange, innovation and the next generation. 


Held annually in the iconic Lancaster House, the Arab Women’s Summit amplifies women’s voices and brings Arab culture into  the heart of London. 

Arab Women's Summit

Sparking conversation, building connection and making a real difference


Join us in the heart of a British royal palace, Lancaster House, where we will convene a powerful collection of innovative and visionary voices on the frontlines of progress. Make your voice heard in discussions on some of the most important topics, including:

  • creating a roadmap for the next generation

  • rebuilding in the face of tragedy

  • building a community through sport

  • the impact of the media

  • visions for the future

  • and more


Get involved now to have your say in the 2025 Arab Women’s Summit and be included in the heart of this one of a kind celebration of women’s empowerment and cultural connection in London.

Previous Speakers

Arab Women’s Summit 2025 Agenda Coming Soon

Have your say.

Get involved in the 2025 Arab Women’s Summit today and help us shape the agenda, speakers and more at the event. Contact us at for more information.

Lancaster House

Lancaster House. Stable Yard SW1A 1BB

Lancester House
Arab Women's Summit
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