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A Royal Welcome
for Arab

After welcoming HRH The Duchess of Edinburgh to the Arab Women of the Year Awards in 2022, we are honoured to be welcomed into a classic royal location.
Symbolic of its importance and significance, the Arab Women’s Summit will be held at the iconic, prestigious Lancaster House in the heart of London.  Lancaster House is a royal palace and has hosted world leaders, Royal Family members, and some of the most well-known figures in modern times for historic meetings and events. In February, it will open its doors to Arab culture and witness ground-breaking conversations at the Arab Women’s Summit.


For ten years we have had one clear mission, to bring the UK and Arab world together to empower Arab women around the world. This year we are taking that mission one step further; we are delighted to be hosting the first annual Arab Women’s Summit in conjunction with the Arab Women of the Year Awards.

Join us in London,  from the 27-29th Feb 2024 with over 300 bright minds for this historic event, sparking connection and making a real difference. Through lively panels, one on one interviews, interactive experiences and cultural workshops, the full day event hosted by London Arabia will unlock new thinking and expand perspectives while also creating an intimate community of our Arab and British guests.


The  Arab Women’s Summit will convene a powerful collection of innovative and visionary voices on the frontlines of progress, who are rising to today’s unprecedented challenges to spark major movements, and recreate a new tomorrow. 

Register today to take part and make a difference!


*Agenda and speakers are subject to change.

Arab Women’s Summit 2024

*Agenda and speakers are subject to change.

Registration & Networking 

Welcome Address

In Conversation with a World Leader

What’s Next for the World’s Economies? How Entrepreneurs are Forging a Path 

This session will explore the events that have shaken the world in recent times and how they have influenced international affairs and the global economy. How are women at the forefront of recovery and rebuilding? How can businesses be prepared for what is next, especially in volatile settings?

Networking Lunch

A Vision for Young People: The Roadmap to an International Youth Strategy

The future belongs to the next generation, and it will ultimately be up to them to continue to progress, but it is our job to set them on the right path. In this panel, speakers will discuss how we can create a roadmap for young people and help them develop strategies to create a better future.

Developing Community through Arts and Culture 

Art and culture have shaped societies throughout history, providing a means to creative expression and a way for individuals and communities to communicate. How does art, whether fine art or performance art, shape our cultures and how we connect with one another? How can we use art as a tool to stimulate connection between people from different backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives? Are there limits to this?

Shaping Regional Transformation to Grow Global Connections: The Challenges and Opportunities

How can regional changes lead to stronger global connections? How are the UK and Arab world coming together to make a better future and create opportunities? This panel will explore both the challenges and opportunities created through regional change, as well as the women that are driving this transformation.

Networking Coffee Break 

A Look at Innovation in the Arab World - What are the Possibilities and Opportunities?

Explore how Arab companies are innovating across industries and the opportunities waiting for Western businesses expanding to the Arab world. Speakers will discuss how the Arab world has become a hot spot for innovation, discovery, and progress, and how this is making an impact worldwide. Is the Arab world a goldmine for innovation and business? Where are there further opportunities?

2030-2050 Region Vision for the Future: Maintaining Culture Through Change

The national economic development plans envisioned by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain have set out clear goals and targets for the future of their countries. How are these visions shaping the macroeconomic trends of the countries? What are the possible social impacts inside and outside the region? How can culture, heritage and tradition be preserved in the face of this widespread change?

Lights, Camera . . . Action: How the Media, Social Media,
Film & TV Shape the Future in the Middle East

This session explores the influence of media and how it shapes the world we live in. In a world where media consumption is fast and trend based, how do we keep the story focused enough to make real change possible, either through physical change or attitude shifts? How can we generate positive change and create a better future while providing authentic representation?

Closing Remarks

Lancaster House

Lancaster House. Stable Yard SW1A 1BB

Lancester House
Arab Women's Summit
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